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Hi reader,

Thank you for making iMapper. Perfect plugin so far. 

Only one question: is it possible that the icons are not visible when you see the image, but only when you go over with your mouse?

I’ve designed a round circle with a few headlines, so to see all 8 pins is way to many. Here you can see the image:

Thanks in advance



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sorry for a bit late repsonse we were on holidays, but now we are back and will try to provide solution as soonas possible.

What you want to do is possible to achieve. Follow this guide and you will have this sorted.

First you need to set every custom pin ( use any pin image you find suited by using import your own pin option in the change pin section ) on desired location on the image you linked. Note: you will have hover in the size of the custom pin image you use. 
Then you need to set pin click action:NONE and pin hover action:Content in every individual pin.
Lastly go to custom css section of your project and use this css :

.imapper-pin-type-custom { opacity:0 !important;}

.imapper-pin-type-custom:hover{ opacity: 1 !important; transition: opacity 500ms linear; }

This should be enough.
Please inform us of the results and thank you for your patience and understanding

Best regards,
Shindiri Studio |

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