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dev-lyn Client

I’m not sure where to find the Timeline and Slider Revolution plugins. They aren’t located under the Plug-ins menu.

Is there a how to use these tutorial?

Under Connect Page Options, it allows me to choose between content timeline and slider revolution but i can’t find where to create a content timeline ID or revolution slider alias.

Is it possible that it did not load properly into WP, or am i just missing where to create these sliders. Thank you!



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Shindiri Support team Administrator


It might be that they didn't install properly if you've inserted the .zips located in the main .zip package, because they are packed twice. Basically, what you need to install are located at and themeforest-3895742-connect-wordpress-responsive-theme/

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dev-lyn Client

I know you have answered this, but I really dont know what you are talking about. Is there a way i could take a screen shot of how i have it set up and you tell me where i've gone wrong. please:)

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