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I have some questions for you about the plugin, hope you are able to help me

Is it possible to swap the timeline with the items?

Can I hide the span “.t_node_desc”  on mouseover ?

Can I select with css or jquery the active item in the center?

Thanks for your time, have a good day


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


Happy New Year,

sorry for a bit late reply we had new year holidays.

Both question 1 and 2 are doable, but not with custom css and easy modification. Unfortunately It would require extensive customizing of the plugin and that is not part of standard support license.

About the question 3 we are afraid it can't be done. If you are trying to target only 1 card/event and modify it in regard to position or size but not the others we think that is not possible with this plugin version.  If we didn't understand question you can give more information/details so we can give more precise answer.

Thank you

Best regards,
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