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Hi, I have 3questions.
1) I received a notice from Envato that an update to Content TImeline for WP was available, but I did not see the update notice within WP. Please advise.
2) I’ve installed the plugin and am having trouble editing the cards once they have been published. I’m finding that if I edit the original post for a card, the card does not ‘read’ the edit, so I have to completely start over. Please provide instructions on the best way to edit content once cards are published.
3) The site I am working on is bilingual, so I am thinking I will clone the timeline and replace the content with version in second language. So I will be doing a lot of editing. Do you have recommendations that would make this easier?

I’m working with the SPARK theme.




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Shindiri Support team Administrator


1. Latest version available (and strongly recommended) is 4.4.4. There is no Auto update option for our plugin via wp. You should download latest version and upload via FTP/sFTP as per wp codex.

2.This is behavior we will need to check firsthand so please can you send us your WP and FTP credentials via email

3. There is no short way for this functionality you are trying to achieve. Creating new timeline on second language or cloning and editing comes to the same (regarding the work load)

Generally our plugin works good with spark theme (in our experience) and you should not have theme/plugin conflict related problems.

Thank you

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