Portal Gallery Template doesn't resize correclty

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pietromaffei Client

Hi Team,
I have tried to create a new page with the Template “Portal Gallery”. I have attached some media graphics and it works well when the page loads:
However if I try to resized the browser windows only the 3 most left picture stay in place and the other ones disappear. I cannot get back the other pictures and have to do a ctrl-f5 to get my layout again.

With the demo example you provided, you can resize the browser and all pictures will stay in place and get smaller if you make the browser smaller:

What is the difference between my page and the demo page you provided and why only the demo page gets resized correcly ?
Any possibility to work on the template through Front-end builder directly ?
Thanks in advance for your help
Best Regards


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Shindiri Support team Administrator



A1 : There seems to be a problem with JS regulating the gallery resize. Can you please send us your FTP and WP login data to support@shindiristudio.com and we'll find a solution for the problem.

A2 : Frontend builder works well with this template, but you might not have all the features in the frontend. You can use it to build your pages nonetheless.




pietromaffei Client

I have sent you my access credential by email.
Thanks in advance for your help

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