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toporski Client

1.  When you click on the featured image on a timeline card – can you add other images into an “image gallery” for users to view?

2.  How can I eliminate the love, comment, and share icons on each card?



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Shindiri Support team Administrator


1. yes you can add more images on a card just like in any other gallery, so on change image button mark every image from media you want to show in that gallery and it will be available on click of the card.

2. To remove that features you will have to use custom css on that elements. There is no setting to show or not show. There are styles that don't show that buttons though. Maybe you can use different style if you don't want them to be visible.

About that css, simple display: none; will do the trick.

If you are not familiar with custom css enough we can do it for you, and to do that we will need your WP access info. So if you want us to do it for you send that info via email to

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