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birkoidram Client

I’m looking for help with positioning the slider.
As you may notice, the left circle is cut from the left corner and the right has a visible edge showing. I tried different settings with offsets and everything but I can’t seem to get it right.
Current settings -

$(‘#slider1′).content_slider({  // bind plugin to div id=”slider1″
      map : image_array,    // pointer to the image map
      max_shown_items: 5,   // number of visible circles
      hv_switch: 0,     // 0 = horizontal slider, 1 = vertical
      active_item: 1,     // layer that will be shown at start, 0=first, 1=second…
      wrapper_text_max_height: 600, // height of widget, displayed in pixels
      middle_click: 1,    // when main circle is clicked:
      small_border: 0,
      big_border: 1,
      border_color: ‘#ffffff’,
      hide_arrows: 1,
      hide_prettyPhoto: 1,
      automatic_height_resize: 1,
      enable_mousewheel: 0,
      small_pic_width: 130,
      small_pic_height: 130,
      child_div_width: 150,
      child_div_height: 150,
      big_pic_width: 230,
      big_pic_height: 230,
      allow_shadow: 0,
      responsive_by_available_space: 0,
              // 1 = slider will go to the previous circle, 2 = to the next,
              // 3 = open ‘main_link’, 0 = nowhere (no response)
      border_radius: -1   // -1 = circle, 0 and other = radius
Thanks and regards,


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


You can just change the max-width of the plugin by 1px.

<div style="max-width: 908px;" class="main_content_slider_wrapper">

Originally if you got a value from it by appending find it in js code and apply a -1px to it

Best regards,
Shindiri Studio |

birkoidram Client

Thank you for the reply. Unfortunayely, this solution doesn't suffice.
As you may notice, the left slide is still off the view and hidden.
Would you be able to recommend an alternative solution to slightly move the images to the right?

Shindiri Support team Administrator


This position is being handled from JS, there has to be a function which calculates how much space is visible to the user as for the visible pictures from both sides of the BIG pic.
Best regards,
Shindiri Studio |

birkoidram Client

Okay thanks.  I was able to sort it out with adding some margin to the left and turning the overflow to visible for one class. Not the cleanest solution but did the trick.

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