Problems in integration with DIVI theme and WPML

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juan Client
Hello, we have the plugin content timeline installed in wordpress with the DIVI theme and WPML plugin. 
We are getting error 500 of memory on several pages. 
We have spoken with WPML support and have been told that the error can be solved by editing the file 

... / content_timeline / content_timeline.php, and deleting line 12:

// ini_set ('memory_limit', '100M');

Could you take a look and see if a permanent solution can be found?

Thank you very much and kind regards



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Shindiri Support team Administrator


We are pretty confident that changing this limit wont change anything unless hosting allows manipulation that limit on user end and have no ''hard-coded'' limit on server end, but nevertheless we can take a closer look off-course, we are here to assist you anyway we can.

Can you send us WP and FTP access via email to so we can check the error firsthand.

Thank you

Best regards,
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