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mariustex Client

Hello, im having some problems with the mobile version. In my homepage fonts in slider don’t resize correctly (iPhone 5/4s and 4) the icon menu different them demo mode, split in 2 groups (iPad, iPhone 5/4s and 4). In my footer, image shortcut get the wrong link  conde. And send to thumb image.

In team page (movies???) my team shortcut when resized lost social icons and text.


Thats all that i need help to fix.


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


1. Seems you've set the text too close to the edge, that's why it cuts a bit of it on lower resolutions. Just move it a bit to the left and it should look fine.

2. The icon menu is supposed to split into two groups on lower resolutions, that's part of the responsive feature of our theme.

3. We're working on fixing this issue in one of the following updates.

4. We've tried a lot of different resolutions and it doesn't seem like it cuts anything off on any of them. Can you send us a screenshot of your issue?

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