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I actually purchased the SIERRA theme for wordpress, but that option is not in your drop down menu.   I posted in the themeforest comments area as well, but I haven\’t heard back and I\’m having a lot of problems with your theme.  Hopefull you can help.   

1) I only see an option to make “what is below the header” set up with parallax. Is it not possible to make any of the content rows use the Parallax effect??    You describe it specifically as a Parallax theme, if so, there should be the option to make more than one row on a particular page, use the parallax effect.  

2) On the google map content block, how can I change the color of the location marker? Its set to show in red and I need to change it to my theme color.

3) With the visual composer, is it possible to create row blocks that have differing number of columns, all with the same background? For example I want to have a row that has a single parallax background image, that has 2 rows – 1 that is 1 column featuring a title, and the row below that is 3 columns, featuring services boxes. But for both rows, I want the same uninterrupted background image.

4) On Safari, the Staff animations don’t work at all – they appear as a hexagon with the image in the background faded out, with text over it. I tested both on my test site, and on your demo. Is this a bug, or is there a fix for this?

5) Something in your theme is overwriting font and style settings for the revolution slider, that you bundle the theme width. I’m trying to use some of their different fonts, and they display on the slider preview tool, but not on the live page. I switched to a different theme, and it worked perfectly. Can someone get back to me about all of these issues? Thank you!


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


We have answered you question on themeforest dashboard, we will answer it here too.

1. In the bottom of home page in admin section we have inserted parallax for header, check the field “What to display below header”. In the settings field you can set header image with parallax effect only for this page.

2. Please open home page from dashboard and find the row with Google map settings > click on “pencil icon”. In Google map Settings you will see “Upload new google map pin”.

3. Create new row > in that row click on “edit this row” – pencil icon on right side screen > in Row Settings > check the Design Options > choose the color or background image > Save the changes. After that insert new row in the same row. In bottom of the new row you will see ”+” click on this character and insert a new row with 3 columns.

4. Our developer will be fix the issue with Safari browser.

5. The already setup styles can not be changed as they are not aligiable for change this is the setup of Revolution Slider, but its possible to have  a new style than can be created when you for example "save as" the old style with a new name. This has nothing to do with the theme itself but with the way that Revolution Slider is working.

If you have any more questions please feel free to contact us

Best regards,
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