Product slider doesn't show prices in right way

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Geracola Client

Hi guys, this is a reply to a past ticket (ID 18598)
I’m quoting you: “For few days will be publish new update with many fix of issues (that issue is include).”
It’s been more then a month i’m waiting for this issue be fixed.

Are you still working on the new release!?


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Shindiri Support team Administrator

Hello Gerardo,

Please be kind and check the last email conversation:

Also if you have any more issue please send us via email detail list with all your problems.

Best regards,
Shindiri Studio |

Geracola Client

Sorry Guys,
the ID was 18468
We were talking about the product slider: the prices are not shown in the right way for all the variable product.
You said: "For few days will be publish new update with many fix of issues (that issue is include)."

Do you already fixed the issues we were talking about!?

Thanks for support

Geracola Client

Hi Guys,

WooExtension shortcodes are disappeared from my snapshop theme, and, of course, all the Product Sliders used.
was waiting (1 month) for fixed issue on product slider (didn't show
the prices in the right way) and now it's just disappeared!!! How could it's possible??

My home page was designed with that kind of shortcodes and now is a real mess.
Please, i really need a solution.

thanks for help

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