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bhohimer Client

so, your theme ships with a plugin (visual composer) that I have to purchase to be able to use? that would’ve been nice to know ahead of time….Your documentation says it is required to install and activate 


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bhohimer Client

OK. So, I realized the VIsual Composer works fine. I'm not exactly sure what will be accomplished by entering their license key like the plugin is asking me to do.....Will I be able to update it properly still?

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This is how it works, when you but a theme for us, that comes with premium plug-ins, they can be used only with the theme itself not on 3rd party web sites.

Correct, in order to use the Visual Composer you do not have to type in no license code you can install and activate it, because it comes with the theme.

You will be prompted when the update for any plug-in is available.

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