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stripedaardvark Client

1. The read more button creates a small window within the time line, which is right. However, the content does not load.
2. When I switch the view to \”years\” it only displays the years 1954-1974 and skips the 2000s entirely.


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


when we click read more button we see this window which is correct, check this screen:
About the years can you please check and tell us how many years per line you have set, check this screen:

Best regards,
Shindiri Studio |

stripedaardvark Client

Thank-you for your quick response. I was able to solve that particular read more issue.. however :

READ MORE : i've tried a couple of different themes and different
settings. I've tried ticking and unticking the read more box, i've
selected "whole item" with it ticked and unticked  .. I've lost the read
more box entirely and the only way to get it back was to change themes
and then change back. can i somehow turn off excerpt to get all the
words to display (and avoid READ MORE completely?
I'd think "whole item"
would do that but it doesn't seem to. .. currently read more is ticked, but there is no read more box, or whole item

YEARS PER LINE : I've set it to 3 which now allows me to see the 2000s if I scroll to the last card. Is there a way for the visitor to scroll using the timeline itself, rather than having to scroll through all the items? I've tried setting it anywhere from 1 - 100 and saving,  and nothing seems to change. I see there are little arrows at either end of the upper timeline in the demos, but I cannot seem to get them to show up in mine :

DYNAMIC ADD AND SORT ORDER : I've set it to save posts dynamically, but I still have to add them
. And once added, they don't arrive in chronological order - I have to rearrange manually. Is it supposed to work that way?

IMAGES : I'd rather the images not be clickable. Is that possible?

stripedaardvark Client

figured out the arrows on the timeline - they were being cut off by my theme settings.

Shindiri Support team Administrator


we will try to answer in order you asked questions.

1. READ MORE, ticking read more box doesn't influence visually card in any way. It just set link to be opened in new window and showing whole post
Now changing read more type is influencing the card visually. setting to WHOLE ITEM makes WHOLE ITEM clickable and removes Button :

2. YEARS PER LINE: since you already sorted arrows for moving through timeline line we will give you information on fast forward option here to help you further. This option:  will add fast forward arrows that give you option to go from first to last item (and back) in 1 click as fast as possible (in case you have huge number of items this is very handy)

3. DYNAMIC ADD AND SORT ORDER : Posts should be added dynamically with this option However if they are not being added when published that usually points to caching problem with your website and using purge cache on back-end page where you create items usually helps (assuming you use plugin for caching). If you don't have that issues but dynamically adding still not work we will need to check the issue firsthand.

4. IMAGES: Yes this is possible check this option
however if this doesn't help then check if there is a conflict with theme's Pretty photo option or similar functionality. You do that by disabling that to (usually in theme settings) after you confirm it you can choose which one of them you want to use or if you don't want to use any you can disable both.  Now if that also don't help there is always option of disabling all pointer events on images them-self with some custom css that will work guarantee.

Best regards,
Shindiri Studio |

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