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Can I remove padding between multiple column layouts so the columns are right next to each other…no spacing?

I’m very familiar with css but can’t figure this out.



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Shindiri Support team Administrator


Can you please send us link to your site or screenshot so we can check what is causing the issue?

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torweb Client

I've uploaded a sample screenshot with red arrows pointing to the areas I would like to adjust.  I just would like to know what css to use to adjust or remove spacing between elements that the arrows are pointing to.

The screen capture link is:

Shindiri Support team Administrator


Here is the custom code:

.fbuilder_column.fbuilder_column-1-3 {
border-right: 0px solid transparent;
border-left: 0px solid transparent;

Insert this code in your style.css or custom CSS field and you will get this:

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