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loewenherzl Client


I have spent a bit of your demoversion in the past few days. When I found out that there are a lot of setting options, I thought that I would probably discover a few more things if I had a closer look at the plugin.

After I finally bought it, I have dealt more with it and unfortunately had to realize that the plugin unfortunately does not meet all my requirements and it is unfortunately not enough for me. It’s a good plugin, but I imagined something else.

Against this background, I would like to ask you by way of goodwill for a refund of the entire purchase price, because I unfortunately have no further use for your plugin.

I hope for your understanding and I am at your disposal for further inquiries.

Sascha Winkielewski


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


We are sorry to hear that.

Please note that Envato Market is handling all the purchases and refund.

Also there is the refund policy page you can check to see do you fulfill the conditions to be refunded:

Best regards,
Shindiri Studio |

Shindiri Support team Administrator


in addition to this. If you need help setting up or there are any technical issues you need assistance with, you can contact us via email to

Just send as much information  you can about problems you need assistance in regard to our plugin. For technical problems with plugin team will need WP and FTP login details to check any potential problems firsthand.

Best regards,
Shindiri Studio |

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