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I believe my support may have expired for this plugin already, but I’m hoping this is considered more of a little bug than a support request : )

I’m seeing some problems when viewing the demo and our website in my Chrome browser (Version 58.0.3029.110) on a Macbook Pro.

I’ve been trying to implement the SantaFe demo.

When in Chrome the navigation arrows on the left and right do not display. And the click to swipe action restarts on the starting item, making it impossible to scroll to the last item without using the arrow keys on the keyboard.
The swiping action is hard to explain, see the video below. Can you replicate it? 

See video of problem shown first in Chrome, then in FireFox.

Hoping to get any suggestions for what might be going wrong.
We’re making our site public next Monday, hoping to resolve by then. Thank you very much!


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Shindiri Support team Administrator

We tested on macbook pro and can't seem to find any bugs, this is the way timeline is working.

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