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Hello, I have trouble replicating the result in the demo page listed in theme forest. When you click a link in the demo the screen is smoothly scrolled down and the title of the element is fully visible and the url is not changed. So my problems are:
1. How to set smooth scroll?
2. How to guarantee that the title of the element will be visible?
3. How to NOT change the url (to ?
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Shindiri Support team Administrator


Can you please send us link to your site so we can check what is causing the issue?

Best regards,
Shindiri Studio |

Shindiri Support team Administrator


We have requested information from You in order to help with Your issue, could You be so kind and let us know if You have resolved the issue or is it still open.

If we do not hear from You in a weeks time period we will consider this ticket resolved.

Thank You,

Best regards,
Shindiri Studio |

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