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reclamemerk Client


- Where can i link the menu items and how can i set the #name?
- If an email has been send with the contactform the site scrolls automaticly to the top, is it possible to stay at the contactarea    where the info ‘your email has been send succesfuly’ is?
- In the blogarea under the blogpictures there is the category and the author information, how can i remove it?
- The navigation when i open a portfolio item doesn’t work, i can’t navigate to the next or previous item, how can i fix it?
- How can i ad new icons?
- In the contactform the maximum amount of keys is 300, can i increase that?

Thes are my questions, i’m looking forward hearing from you.

Kind regards, Rob Stevens, reclamemerk.


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reclamemerk Client
i solved the issue of linking the menu myself,

do you have any news for the rest of the questions?
reclamemerk Client

an aditional question,

- it seems that the theme isn't working on mobile apple devices, do you have a solution?

please let me know

kind regards

Shindiri Support team Administrator


The issue for the mobile was fixed, but there was some development on the Wordpress, which released some new version in a very close time gap, and we couldn't check every on of our products, if the issue is there, we will definitely need to fix it for you and for other customers.

We can continue our conversation over email, we need to answer some of your questions as well.

Best regards,
Shindiri Studio |

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