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alexvalentin Client

Hi! I want to use “shortcode image” but I have a problem. I wish that when someone clicks on the image to be redirected to the link that I set. For example: You can see in the picture that I set the link to redirect to, but when someone clicks on the picture is not redirected, it opens the image.

This is the shortcode that I used:

[con_image link="" align="none" hover_text="Zoom" hover_slide_from="bottom" border_on="on" lightbox_group="General"]Link to image[/con_image]

How to fix the problem? Thx!


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


Sorry about that, seems to be an error in the code. You will have to edit connect/includes/shortcodes.php, find line 529 that says if($link = '_self') $link = $content; and change it to if($link == '_self') $link = $content;

That should give you the desired functionality.

Kind regards,


alexvalentin Client

Thank you! Now it's working :D

alexvalentin Client

Thank you! Now it's working :D

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