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daviesmpls Client

I just bought you’re plugin and I really like it! But I’m having trouble configuring it.

I would like my category names to show above the navigation line…but right now it just shows “UNDEFINED.” Is there a way for this to show the names of the categories that the cards are grouped under? I didn’t want to show any dates…just category names.

Please let me know if/how that’s possible. Thanks very much!


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daviesmpls Client

p.s. the URL for my site (under development) is

daviesmpls Client

Sorry...the page that the timeline is on is

It also appears that all of the nodes are laying on top of each other. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong there, too. Would like your help fixing that as well, please!

Thank you!

daviesmpls Client

some more information for you....the category listing DOES look fine when I click "preview" in the timeline settings. But when I inserted it into the page and view it there, it just shows "UNDEFINED" and all of the nodes/dots are laying on top of each other.

Shindiri Support team Administrator


sorry for a bit late reply we had national holidays aligned with weekend.
We confirmĀ support teamĀ got your email with login credentials.

They will contact you soon about the issue.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Best regards,
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