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Hello Support Team! Sorry for posting in the “All-Around WP Theme” forum, but I didn’t see a Sierra Template option. Just installed your template – very awesome! So, my problem is with creating a button – just like your “Sierra Landing Page” template. All in all, I manage to create a button with the Visual Composer, but I’m having a hard time centering it. It looks like the css that controls the buttons is: “html, body, div, span, p, button, a, li, .text-block”, but when I add a “text-align: center” code, it centers more than just the button. Is there a way to reassign the buttons to a different class, so the css could only affect the buttons and not the entire ? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Archiehern


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Yes it is possible to add a class to custom button. But You should first try to inspect the element using built in inspector inside your browser and find out which class custom button has. When you find out, add custom css to that class and it should resolve your issue.

You can also send us link to your site so we could see the issue firsthand.

We hope that we helped you. If you have any questions feel free to contact us, we are here to help.
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archiehern Client

Hi Shindiri Support!
Thank you for the suggestion. I created a new class and a custom css. Everything is fixed now. You can close this ticket now. 

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