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On some of the pins/sliders on my site I am seeing some buggy behavior.  It is happening on IE and on Chrome.  I am using the slider pin. I edited my previous pins and changed them to a slider due to the IE10 issue with some of the hover popups not displaying long enough in IE on different pins.  The pins/sliders function in all browser so my company wanted to go with that in the interim.   So I uploaded the different color pin (don’t know if that affects anything but just letting you know in case that could cause an issue).  I played around with text in the sliders and got them pretty well functioning.  You can see them here h t t p://   (take out the spaces in http)
that page has 2 image maps on it.   the image map on the left you can see all pins slide to the left.  The image map on the right has a mix.
buggy behavior #1.   On the image map on the right (the semi truck) when I had all of the pins sliding to the left the pins on the left/middle would be covered up by the slider on the right side.  That is normal.  But after my mouse was moved away and the slider disappeared the pins that had been covered would act as an image for a few seconds and would “forget” they were pins.  The mouse would not change to a hand when hovering over them would not allow the slider to pop out on the previously covered pin.  After a few seconds then all pins would behave as usual again.  I changed them all so that when sliding they would not fully cover another pin and slightly repositioned them to hide the issue for nowbuggy behavior #2.  On the image map on the left side (the car) all of my sliders go to the left.   I had a few of them sliding to the right trying to avoid the same behavior I mentioned above.  However when I have those slide to the right I get a weird space issue where the slideout comes directly out of the pin the first time, and on the 2nd slideout it is far away from the pin.   I have included a screen shot here of the spacing.
h t t p://  (take out the spaces in http)  I have not seen that behavior in the image map of the truck on my page, only on the car.  I am unsure as to why it is happening.  It is present in IE and in Chrome.
and some general Questions about the Slider pin
Height of pin – Can that be modified?    I see that item height is capped at 75px.   Is that the height of the pin itself or is that the height of the slideout box.   If the pin is edited to be longer or shorter would that then change the px height of the slideout box?Font in slider – is that also locked at 12px?  On my options in Image Mapper the two font boxes are grayed out for the Slider pin.  On the other pins that are able to be changed.   To get around this in the slider pin I am wrapping my item details with an html FONT tag but it would be simpler if I could edit it using the image mapper options


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elrey52 Client

sorry for the strange formatting above.  I had paragraph breaks in there and it removed themjust wanted to add some of the buggy behavior I saw with the slider pin overlapping another pin seemed to be related to weird spacing issue.   When the slider had the weird spacing and put the link far away from the pin when it slid to the right it seemed to make that area of the image a link even after the slider went away.   the slider would be gone but my mouse would still change to a hand and if I clicked that area of the picture I would be transported to the correct page.   that "spot" also happened to be near a pin and would cause that pin not to work.   Once I changed the slider with the weird spacing to open in another direction then the pin that wasn't working correctly began functioning correctly whether another nearby pin was sliding over it or not.   I can demonstrate with another Teamviewer session if needed.

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1. Because of the animation function, content behaves as if it's present on the image for a short time after it disappears. That's why you couldn't click on some of the pins.

2. We haven't encountered that behaviour before, but will test it.

3. Pin, content box and text sizes are locked for "Slide out" pin, so that it's shown correctly.


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