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Hi there,

I’m trying to add a bit of padding to the left and right of the description text in the Snapshop Featured Link boxes below my slider. The text is getting cut of. I tried spacing the text using the <br /> code but it is still not adjusting well. I’ve been trying to find the correct selector using Firebug for a few days now and can’t seem to locate the right selector.

Will you please tell me which selector to use in order to add a five pixel margin or padding to the left and right of the text.

example text: “Browse Through Our List of Products. Drive Thru and order from an attendant or come inside.”

Link to homepage:

Thank you for the direction/help.



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You are using Frontend Builder for this so there is a simple solution for you. When you open page with Frontend Builder and when you click edit icon to edit row, on the settings panel on right side the last setting is "ID & Custom CSS". Here you can add ID or Class and after that add Custom CSS depending what you add. For ID add "#YourIDname" or for the Class add ".YourCalssName" and create rule with padding options.
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