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ciarangaffey Client

Hi there,

I’m using the snapshop theme for my website. Can you tell me how I can edit the background images for the dropdowns in the header menu?
Thank you


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


Thank you for using our products, if You want to change the background inside the menus drop down, log into Your WP, navigate to Appearance > Menus > select the menu Header 1

to show its structure.

Than Click for example on HOMEPAGE, to expand the drop down menu, and inside that box You will have <Background Image> where is a link which is taking the picture from Your Media and set it to be the background of the whole part of the menu. Just upload the picture you would like to your WP media directory, and change the link inside the menu options as described.

If you are having trouble here you have a visual representation of the position links:

Best regards,
Shindiri Studio |


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