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My timeline is not yet live so I cannot share the login information but on mobile devices the years all stack up and are unreadable– here is a screen capture:

How can I fix this? It looks fine on other devices and the Years per line are set to 5.

Thank you.


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


You are using setting that create 1 timeline line for you and show huge number of years. That is quite ok for big screen and when you don’t prioritize mobile display. When you show that on mobile its cramped up. You have few potential solutions. First you can change that setting to less years visible per line, check this screenshot: https://prnt.sc/qlrses
If you reduce this number there will not be too crowded on mobile screen.

Or you can completely hide the line on mobile screens using the responsive setting available from last update, check this screenshot: http://prntscr.com/qlrtnb

Lastly you can target that years and lower the font sizes on mobile with some custom css. However we fear you will need to lower font size too much to be able to fit them all that it will not be clearly visible. so we can’t recommend that as good solution. If you decide for this solution but you are not comfortable doing this alone our team will be able to help you with custom css. You can contact them via email to support@shindiristudio.com  Also, you must include your Ticket ID so team can identify this conversation.

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