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I just noticed another problem with the WP Timeline Plugin:
If I select the last/newest item as “Starting Item”, the timeline correctly display this as the first item. As long as there is enough space to display 2 months together, this works correctly in that also the month is synchronized for the current item.
But when I open the page in a smaller window, where only 1 month is displayed (small Desktop window or mobile display), the displayed month is not correct/synchronized with the item.
If you open the timline in a big window, where there is enough space for displaying 2 months, it works correctly. But as soon as the window is smaller than 768px, the month does not show the current one or even the selected item. In my case, instead of displaying May 24 it show February with no selected node.
IMPORTANT: You have to open it directly in the smaller size, as resizing the window does work correctly. But that’s not a normal use-case, A user opens the timeline in “his” size and does not rescale the window. So it has to work without resizing.
screenshot of windows size of 768px:
On mobile, there is even another problem, as not even the starting item is shown first, but the oldest item in the list. This problem starts at 369px and smaller: Mobile view of 360px:
Thanks for looking into this.


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


Thank you for pointing out to this, we had a chance to test page you linked on few browsers/devices. For now we managed to recreate problem on project you sent url.

But we cant recreate it on our test environment where we want to test this further. We want to exclude option this is problem related to your environment only so can you give us access to the project you linked so we can check and mimic settings and see the code itself.  It would help us and speedup the process.

So if you can please send WP and FTP access credentials via email to

Best regards,
Shindiri Studio |

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