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sedminek Client
Hi support!
I need to either get rid of the title-box (mouse over effect) including the border OR get it styled. At least I’d need to change the color from red to a different color. Please have a look on the screenshot:
When creating this timeline here ( I found some buggy behavior. Probably this is because of the theme I use (Themeco Pro X) or caused by a plugin. I added 18 items an chose to create them starting with blank cards, as on the new website I do not use blog posts. After adding an item I saved the timeline because I needed to upload an image. So I had to refresh the page to select an image within the card. Everytime I did that the code got mixed together somehow. The plugin wrote color codes where pixel values should be. It replaced the title of some cards with font size values and so on. Everytime I refreshed the page I had to clean this out manually. Maybe you’ve already heard similar reports.
A side note to the website above: Right now I’m rebuilding my old website on a new hoster space, so not everything is finished yet.
I really like your plugin a lot. But it would be great if the card styling would be a little more compact like “The Grid”. I feel a bit limited here, but I still I found a solution that I like.
Please help me out with styling that red “node title” as well as the shadow or border to either remove it or change the color – whatever is easier.
Thanks a lot in advance!
Best regards,


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


Thank you for your kind words.

About the questions, there is easy way to target that box, class isĀ .my_timeline_hover_12_123 .t_node_desc span { your css here} you can add this css to your custom css section and it should work without issues.

Second problem we don't recognize in any way. We should probably check it directly so if you still need assistance with it please provide our team with login info so they can check this firsthand.


Can you send us your access data for FTP and WP login info via e-mail to

Best regards,
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sedminek Client

Thanks for your reply! Actually after updating to version 5 the first issue is solved for me in the best way. The dots on the timeline and the border is now in the selected color. I didn't do anything more than install the latest version - that's it. So congrats to this update.

Regarding the second issue I'll check this again when adding new items soon. It will not be more than 2 items, as this timeline will only show our milestones. If it appears again, I'll check back to you and give you access to my backend.

Thumbs up for your great work!

Best regards,

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