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I am currently using this plugin on a client site and for the most part it works perfectly and is exactly what I needed, however I am finding thaat the swipe functionality isn’t being as responsive as I’d like on mobile and tablet devices making for a poorer user journey on those devices, the site can be viewed here: http://staging.yoyp2018.scot/2018-timeline/ I have checked the demo site and it does appear to be the same as ours as in the swipe function doesn’t seem to work that well, I understand that this may not be fixable, but as an alternative is there a way of simply telling the navigation arrows to appear on mobile and tablet devices.

Thank you for an awesome plugin.
Scott Sibson
The Gate 


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


unfortunately for you the swipe and navigation arrows are all part of the same functionality responsible for navigating through cards/items you create so there is no recommended solution for changing one feature of it without seriously endangering the functionality in the whole.
We understand your concern (a bit of adaptation is needed on the more sensitive swipe) but the swipe option is there for touchscreen and it need to swipe from item to item (not drag and drop) so that there is centering of desired item in the screen on every screen width (responsive settings)

Also if navigation arrows are permanently visible there is a risk of them covering majority of item in screen (small displays) therefore disabling users from seeing the content (we had similar requests before and results were not satisfying) which should be priority.

We are not saying sorting this is not possible, but certainly not without extensive customization of the plugin which  we are not offering as a part of standard support unfortunately.

Best regards,
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