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ibianca Client


When I made the theme update the footer widget I had disappeared (Newsletter sign up). now I dont have a sidebar for it as it says inactive sidebar. 

Please tell me what can I do to being the footer-sidebar back


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ibianca Client

The client's site is that one shows the footer widget cause I havent done any updates.

This is the site with the new updates and without the footer widget I need


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What exactly did you update?
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ibianca Client

I added the newsletter sign up Widget (Chimp Mate) to the footer of the site.
Screenshot here:
If you see this screenshot it shows a space for footer widgets:
This is the client's current site which runs an older version of your theme.

As I tried to update the theme on our server, I realized that the footer widget area disappeared from the new site Im updating on my server. (on the back-end) 
Older version without theme and WP upgrade (everything works as intended)  (see footer)

New version with upgrades (footer widget disappears)  (see footer)

ibianca Client

Any news?

ibianca Client

Hey guys, 
This is really important. Sorry to bother you so much with this but I need to re-launch the site tomorrow and I dont know how to bring back the footer widgets...
Thanks you very much

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