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Ref Ticket ID 16424
After raising a ticket on this forum, you advised to send an email to your support team to troubleshoot. You tried updating the theme as the first troubleshooting step, which is understandable, however this did not fix the issue at hand.
Since then you have not responded to my emails or acknowledged that this is an issue with your theme. You have also set the ticket on this site to ‘Closed’.
I have now been waiting since 03/03/2015 for a reply, which is an unacceptable SLA for any support team. Please respond to my query ASAP.


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


Can you please check you page: http://beardsinarms.com/checkout/

We have inserted button with text: UPDATE PRICE FOR INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY in your checkout page.

Please contact us if you have any more question.
Best regards,
Shindiri Studio | http://www.shindiristudio.com/

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