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mpark8811 Client

Hi there, this is such a great plugin. I am using the Montgomery
timeline style.  I would like to modify
the timeline navigation to show 3 months vs. two. Also, the cards load leaving
a blank space. I would like it to load 3 cards. How can I fix this?

I am using Photography theme. Here’s a link to the site. https://temporaryresidents.net/




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Shindiri Support team Administrator


Thank you for your kind words.
unfortunately if you want to group items by months there is no way you can show more then two groups at the same time.  That's how timeline works. You can have all items on one line if you use grouping by years. Maybe that will be more aesthetically acceptable to you.

About showing the items on load you can just align items left, check this screenshot: https://prnt.sc/iaghgp

This setting will pull your timeline left and 3 items will be visible from start.
Best regards,
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