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Is there a way to display more items in the timeline? Not only show 2 months but 1 year?

Example: http://www.jugendfoerderung.ch/index.php?id=235
I’d like Jan and March on the same timeline page, without the need to scroll. Is that possible?
(I open the timeline in an iframe, so the reduced mobile version ist used/needed…)

Thanks for helping!


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


Can you please try to paste this custom code in your style.css or custom CSS field:

.timelineFlat .t_line_m {
width: 225px;

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soundstormvfx Client


Thanks for your fast answer! I tried this code and on the 100% view it works:
But I need to use the time in a smaller iframe, as on the first link where it doesn' help.

Is it possible to show the dots as months? With multiple entrys por dot/month? Or maybe show the dots as years.... That would also help. The problem ist we have only maybe 10 events per year, so if only 1/2 months is shown, in the timeline, there is always only 1 dot visible, which is not useful.

Are these problems gone with the Wordpress version? Can I switch between days/months/years with it? I see it's also a newer version than the Jquery version.

Thank you!

Shindiri Support team Administrator


The timeline principle is to always show either 2 months or 2 categories, this can not be changed, only custom code by you.

The Wordpress version is implemented with those features, the jQuery isn't.

Best regards,
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