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i bought this plugin becuase it says you can use demo content. there is no demo content in plugin. please advise. 

on a tight deadline!


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HelmHue Client

I should specify --- I want to use / upload the NASHVILLE demo.

Shindiri Support team Administrator


there is no demo content provided with our plugin. What you see on a Demo page is presentation of styles ( such as Nasville that you prefer )

Those are one click settings that you use to present Your content. Basically after you enter content/create custom cards/import posts, by setting desired style you completely change the looks of the timeline so you don't have to set every option separately. And its our suggestion of the design also.

We understand you are on tight schedule but we want to assure you that creating 1 custom card for example can take just a few minutes (for presentation) also you have option to duplicate cards for example so basically if you set style to Nashville and not planing to change settings further you can create functional timeline in less then 30 minutes with dummy content.

Also we have confirmation that you have contacted support team via email and that soon they will send you more information on this and assist you with getting started.

Thank you.

Best regards,
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