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Petra Client

Hi, I bought the timeline yesterday and added 3 slides to a timeline. I added an image in the item options for each. When I click “save timeline”, all is good, but when I reload the WordPress interface, two of the  images reset themselves and I see the same image in all three slides. There is also the same image on all three slides in the timeline in the layout itself.

I have a screenshot and I can also give you the access information.

I looked through the entire documentation and tried different things but the images keep resetting themselves and I always have the same identical image in all slides, no matter what I do. 

I’m working on a client project with tight deadline, so I gave this a high priority. Hope you can help me. Thanks!


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Petra Client

Hi, I think I got the issue resolved by deleting the slides and adding them new. I think it might have something to do that they had the identical date at the beginning. But even changing the dates didn't resolve the issue. But deleting the slide, then adding a new slide with a different date resolved it. 


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