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Hi Shindiri Support team!
I’d like to use the option “group by year” under “Timeline type”. This basically works, but has one important flaw I think:
The current selected year only “highlighted” on the first post in this year. Only when I look at the first post of a year, the same year above is highlighted by CSS code. If I switch to the next item in the same year, the year gets “deselected”. The user cannot see anymore, from which year the post is. Only on the first post of the next year, the new year gets highlighted by CSS again. Then it’s the same again… on the next post of the new year, the year gets deselected/dehighlighted”.
If you could fix this, so that all posts during the same year do highlight the year above, that would be great.
If you need a screenshot, I send it to you by e-mail.
Thanks and regards,


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thank you for pointing out on possible issue with our product. We will definitely take a closer look at this.

Any additional information about this is highly appreciated. So screenshots, URL and even Wp login to copy settings used.

Of-course any sensitive information should be sent via email to support@shindiristudio.com

Best regards,
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soundstormvfx Client

The team will look into it, it's made the feature queuelist.

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