Timeline with 1600 events run into timeout!

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AlexShindri17 Client

I have 1600 events, The loading of the view takes too long, that I get an error message because server does not respond.

Loading time: 1′  21.4”

Also if I’m at the beginning of the timeline (first event) then I select an event a couple of years ahead, the animation to get to that date is to long! the first time is interestting to see, but for studing purposes,  It becomes bored and it is a waste of time if you have to navigate through all these years.

Do you have a recommendation for me in both cases?

Here the URL:

By the way, is there a new version for Drupal? I have Ver. 3.3

Thanks a lot in advance!


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


Sorry for late respond.

We cant provide solution for server timeouting. 1600 events is just too much information. Possibly getting dedicated server is the best thing you can do.

Also there is still no new version for drupal.
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