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Test different TL Styles WITHOUT re-entering all settings

After trying one Timeline style, and entering all of the customization (color values, display settings etc.) I viewed the timeline online. The settings all seemed to save but this didn’t seem to be the right style.

I tried switching to another Timeline style and see that none of the settings persisted. Are they not GLOBAL as the settings button suggests?

Is there a way to save the color settings at least so all the colors stay the same regardless of which Timeline Style is being viewed? (i thought that is what GLOBAL meant)

Also, is there a way to at least save the settings for a Timeline Style so that if I try another style and come back to that, all of the customization isn’t gone?

Even a rudimentary “export” feature so I don’t have to enter all the values again?

hopefully I missed something or this this NOT the expected behavior.

Thanks so much!

Even after saving the timeline, 


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what you are describing is normal behavior for Content Timeline. Settings that are under global section are just what the name says Global. They persist all until you change style. Reason : changing style is changing all settings(even global) to predefined style. Styles are our suggestion and fast reset for all settings. They are something you can build ON. All styles are achievable without selecting style it self.

We strongly suggest to pick a style and build your custom timeline on it. Or since there is clone whole timeline option you can make multiple timelines with multiple styles.

If you have any more question feel free to ask for help. We are here to assist anyway we can.

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