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xsivdesigns Client

Hi, i am using WPML Translator on my site.
When i try to input chinese translation on my Timeline on this page:

The translation appears as ????????

I am planning to translate the site into 6 more languages. How do i solve this issue?

Please reply asap as the site is Live.

Thank you.


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xsivdesigns Client

You can see the effect here: 

I try and paste Chinese text into the text box, but when it is saved, it appears as ???????

Shindiri Support team Administrator


you need to change collation or sort order to proper one for language you use. Here are the steps you need to follow to do that.

You need to navigate to your cPanel, and open your phpMyAdmin settings.

There open your database, and search for the table wp_ctimelines

In the table, you have to edit these settings:

keep in mind you need to change it to the corresponding collation to the language you use.

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