Updated version has same version number.

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davidsteindesign Client

i read this thread:


but wanted to make sure that both the “all files and documentation” download and the “installable WordPress files only”  download actually had the updated-with-security-patch version. How soon will there be a visibly updated version?

It is not very reassuring to update a plugin via sftp to see that it’s the same version # as the one before it that contained a security vulnerability.


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


yes both version are updated. About the time needed to actually see it depends on the time Envato need to review that update. But since it's just correction of the version name it should be fast we are confident. We are sorry if this mistake of our cause any problems to you. We were so focused on solving the security issue and releasing it as soon as possible that this small and benign mistake occurred.

So rest assure its just aesthetic issue. The pluginĀ ISĀ upgraded and safe.

Thank you for using our products.

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