urgent - Please help ASAP im getting error

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im getting error jquery.image_mapper.js?ver=4.9.3:2143 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘substring’ of undefined on return obj.attr(‘id’).substring(obj.attr(‘id’).indexOf(‘-pin’) + 4);  here is a link please help i need to submit link ASAP


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babaknm Client


Shindiri Support team Administrator


unfortunately we cant find that error anywhere on that link, we tried following pin open content also and no luck. Did you manage to solve this in the meantime ? If you did not and you are still experiencing the issue, please send your WP and FTP login info  via email to support@shindiristudio.com along with more detailed explanation on your issue with some screenshots maybe? Hopefully then team will be able to debug potential issue for you and help.

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