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Is there any way to define which user roles can edit a timeline? I don’t like assigning the Admin role to everyone, but a few members of our Marketing team (roles=Editor) need to update existing timelines and possibly add new ones. Also, I don’t want to install another plugin for the sole purpose of giving Editors the capability of editing Content Timeline. Is there a simple fix for this? Could the option to select which roles can add/edit timelines be added to a future release? Thanks!

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Daniel Brasic


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Shindiri Support team Administrator


unfortunately there is no way to do that from our plugin. We understand your needs and we will explore that option to possibly include it in some of the future update.

Process of finding best solution for that we are afraid wont be short but we can promise we will address it to the best of our abilities.

At the moment only solution for your issue is to do what you didn't want in the first place and that's to find plugin that will allow you to do that .

Thank you for using our product and for your constructive suggestion.

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