Vertical & Horizontal slider Responsive issues.

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I’ve been working with this product several hours now to understand it how it works and have made a few changes to get closer to what i need. In all honesty I should have moved on hours ago, but this was the extension purchased and called for in the design.

The biggest thing that I’ve noticed is that mobile devices do not like it. I’ve tested it on the following mobile devices. iPhone 5, iPhone 6/7/8/X, note 5, S6 active, iPad 4, iPad pro 10, iPad pro 12 (most of our office use iOS devices… ).  With exception to the iPad pros, all of the other devices have issues with this extension.

Orientation widths and heights that are calculated by the slider are not updated on orientation change. Most of the time, if the page is loaded landscape there isn’t an issue portrait, but most user use their devices portrait and may transition landscape during their session.

is there anything in implementation that can be done to correct this?


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please check the changes you made for this feature (portrait/landscape) you are talking about should work properly by default. So we are suspecting that some change cause problem. There is no implementation option that will make plugin work better or worse. There are options available you can read in documentation of the plugin and every change beyond that you make is entirely up to you. This is jquery version of the plugin after all.

We can give the advice about the responsive part of the plugin to go as less items visible as possible. 1 main (active) and 2 on sides is best. Try to manipulate width of the slide to set this properly.

Sorry if this is not good enough response for you but please understand that our help is determined by the information we have and accessibility to the code in question.

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