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AlbertoBedo Client

I just installed Sierra theme. It asks me to install WPBakery Visual Composer. It installed version 4.12.1.

Version 5.0.1 is available but it says I’m not registered and I need to update it using the theme. So will you release a new version of Visual Composer inside the team? How to update it?

Are there any security problems with the old version 4?

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Shindiri Support team Administrator


version you have is stable with Sierra and that's why it's the one you get with theme. There are no known security problems with it. There are features that can cause problems with Sierra and last Composer update so we don't recommend updating to last version until theme is optimized for it.  You will be informed via email when update is ready.

So at the moment you can use the theme with 4.12.1

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